Beach & Wildlife

Keep your eyes open if you’re on the beach at dusk or dawn.  We very often see whales, loons, and puffins swimming right off shore. Walking the beach is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the area.  Morning is usually the best time, when the waters are generally calmer.

Walking Trails & Tour Points

There are many beautiful trails in the community.

First is the Kenneth Memorial Walking Trail.  This trail begins at the Brookcove Park and takes you through the woods, to the old railway trestle. Once there, turn left to come out the old track and return to the cottage on Track Road.

Second is just north off Easy Street. This will take you along the bank until you come out on Route 80.  Here you will make your way back to Harnum’s Lane and Easy Street.

Third is on North East Side Road where you’ll find Boar Point Trail.

Finally, just follow the signs near the Anglican Church for Witch Hazel Trail, which takes you to look out over the community.

Visit our community cemetery. The oldest head stone in North America is located right here in the Anglican Church Cemetery in Heart’s Delight.

The Marina

Take a break at our Marina. Sit and enjoy the sights or, better yet, have a yarn with the local. That’s the best way to learn about our area, both past, present, and future. I am sure the stories will keep you smiling!


We have a golf course that is second to none when it comes to challenge and beauty. Make sure you have a golf day at Pitcher’s Pond in Whiteway. If you have never played before, indeed not to worry – the sights and sounds of birds, brooks, and rivers are plenty enough to enjoy!

Local Attractions

There are boat tours, restaurants, craft shops, and always a place to stop and chat with the locals. Just look in the wooden box in the living room for brochures, maps, and general information. We are only 70 minutes away from St. John’s. Our location is great and you you can visit the Avalon on day trips!